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DCDT- Division on Career Development and Transition Conference

Laura Fine (ELC- Assistant Director of Programs and Services) and Erin Farley (D125 Vocational Coordinator) presented this past week at DCDT- Division on Career Development and Transition Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas. Their presentation was called Building Bridges for Life Planning.
Presentation Description: Early collaboration with families focusing on transition planning focuses conversations and IEP meetings around meaningful days as well as opportunities/supports available after exiting from Transition Services. Providing parents with the resources, information and contacts is integral in establishing partnerships with families and outside agencies.
Presenters shared their “Day in a Life” & “Week at Glance” tool that they use with families to help plan for the future as well as a parent survey that is used to get parent feedback as part of the IEP meeting.
Based on the News Release on February 24, 2022 from the Bureau of Labor & Statistics, “across all age groups, persons with disabilities were much less likely to be employed than those with no disabilities. In 2021, 29% of workers with a disability were employed part time, compared with 16% for those with no disability”.
Both of these statistics highlight the importance in determining appropriate, sustainable outcomes for our students. In addition, another employment outcome that has recently been highlighted and celebrated on Facebook and Instagram are microbusiness where adults with disabilities are self-employed or are the creators of products.