ELC Transition Center (ELC West)

  • Mission Statement:

    Given quality life experiences within a positive environment, all students will gain independence through ongoing collaboration with students, families, and their community to lead productive and meaningful lives driven by their passions.

    Overall Description:

    ELC West is a Special Education Transition program servicing students ages 18-22. The program builds student independence by enhancing life, communication, independent living, and vocational skills. Students participate in a variety of programming: Recreation and leisure activities, Independent living activities. Vocational experiences Students also have the opportunity to enhance their skills through Community Based Instruction (CBI). ELC West also owns and operates a student-driven business, Butterfly Boutique.


    Life Skills: Students focus on a variety of life skills that increase independence across environments. Individualized programming builds upon skills in daily living, community safety, healthy living, and literacy. In life skills groups, students practice skills in real-life environments such as the bedroom, kitchen, laundry room, and community.

    Recreation and Leisure: Recreation and leisure skills are explored in both group and individual settings by playing various games, participating in social activities, and a variety of opportunities for creative self-expression on-site and on community outings. Students are encouraged to try new leisure activities and expand on their current interests through structured exploration and individual choice-making daily.

    Vocational Experiences and Volunteer Opportunities: Students attending ELC West Transition Program can explore different vocational experiences that help build transferable soft skills and support post-secondary vocational goals. Vocational experiences include participation in our on-site microbusiness and community partnerships. Our Butterfly Boutique, located within the building, is our student-run retail storefront home to all student-made items featured there.