Our Mission, Vision, and Values

  • Our Mission

    Ensure success for our exceptional learners.

    Our Vision

    Provide world-class, specialized educational services in our local communities for our exceptional learners in partnership with families and districts.

    With ONE VOICE, we commit to the following core values:

    • Drive continuity and quality with services of high expectations.
    • Provide meaningful and differentiated support and networking opportunities for families.
    • Engage students, staff, parents, and the broader community around the ELC purpose.
    • Embrace a person-centered environment with a focus on high levels of learning.
    • Inspire innovation, excellence, and forward-thinking practices through a high-performing staff.
    • Foster a collaborative, flexible approach to provide quality support for all students.
    • Support students and their families throughout the educational experience to prepare for post-secondary, transition, and adult life.
    • Provide necessary resources to meet exceptional learner needs while ensuring financial stability.