Board Certified Behavior Analysts

What are BCBAs?

  • Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) are master's-level practitioners with a certificate of advanced study and board certification in applied behavior analysis. Within the school system, BCBAs provide a continuum of services across all ages and learning environments.

    A BCBA collaborates with the school teams to proactively enhance the learning environment for all students. Specifically, behavior analysts support the school teams in proactive behavioral supports, assessments, and staff training. Additionally, BCBAs model and recommend practical, valid, and reliable delivery of evidence-based behavior services through designing behavior support plans based on assessment results. As part of the comprehensive school team, we may provide informal recommendations or personalized goals and objectives. Lastly, BCBAs help develops, maintain, and analyze quantifiable behavioral data to monitor progress, help develop further interventions, and promote generalization across settings.

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