Audiological Services

What is the Audiological Services Program?

  • Exceptional Learners Collaborative Audiological Services is a comprehensive audiology program for the deaf and hard of hearing and offers a full range of services to students, parents, teachers, and staff (see listing below).  


    Referral Guidelines

    If a student exhibits any of the following, we recommend a Comprehensive Educational Audiological Evaluation.

    • Failed a hearing screening or is untestable per IDPH guidelines
    • Chronic ear infections or disorder
    • A diagnosed hearing loss
    • Documented use of hearing instrument(s) or hearing assistance technology


    Audiological Services

    Audiological Assessment

    • Comprehensive audiological assessments, including screening, evaluation, and consultation for auditory processing disorders
    • Parent guidance and counseling, including referrals for medical, educational, and speech-language pathology services
    • Audiological Review Services
    • Selection, recommendation, monitoring, and maintenance of hearing aids, DM/FM systems, and other hearing assistive technology
    • Educational Audiological Review/Monitoring, participation in IEP and 504 conferences, team meetings, annual reviews, and teacher consultation

    Hearing Assistance Technology (HAT) Program

    • Provision of hearing assistance technology to students to ensure optimal auditory access in the educational setting
    • Coordination and maintenance of equipment inventories of member school districts
    • Candidates for technology participate in diagnostic trials, supported by team members, including the audiologist, classroom, and hearing itinerant teachers and parents.

    Cochlear Implant Program

    • Performance evaluation and troubleshooting of all cochlear implant processors
    • Evaluation, recommendation, and troubleshooting of HAT systems for students with cochlear implants
    • Screening and counseling of candidates for cochlear implantation
    • Close communication with cochlear implant centers to provide our students with coordinated care

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