Early Childhood Assessment Team (ECAT): 

Assistive Technology Resources:

  • If you are a staff member or a parent of a student within the 4 member districts, sign up for a FREE account at www.myinfinitec.org to have access to an enormous amount of webinars, workshops and resources for special education, curriculum, technology, assistive technology, occupational therapy, speech therapy, etc.  Infinitec is a coalition that has worked to join district assistive technology staff together to create and share those resources.  

Other Parents Resources:

  • Special Parents Group (SPG)- We are a support group for District 96 families with children with disabilities.  This is a time for families to share experiences, network and learn from each other.  Our SPG families have children of all ages and a wide range of abilities, and educational placements. All interested families are welcome!  Our advisory council includes District 96 staff members and parents representing the various grade levels and schools within the district.  SPG is organized and facilitated by certified teachers, parent and volunteers and is not a funded group.