Boardmaker Online

click on links below to view video tutorials: 

Link to Staff login

Boardmaker Online Cheat Sheet .PDF      (page numbers next to video links correspond to this cheat sheet)

  1. Logging In and website basics (page 1)

  2. Create an Activity from a blank page (page 1)

    1. Creating a Button, Adding a Symbol/Picture (Page 2)

    2. Button Properties (page 2)

    3. Make a group button (2 symbols in one button- Page 2)

    4. Freeform Buttons (page 3)

    5. Spray Tool- easily copy/paste a buttons (page 3)

    6. Line tool- create a line (page 3)

    7. Symbolate Tool- easily type out sentences with pictures above or below words (page 3)

  3. Upload and utilize pictures to "My Media" and using the web search tool (page 3 and 4) (click here for video tutorial)

  4. Basics of Creating Interactive Activities from Blank Page (page 4)

    1. Setting Actions to Buttons (list of actions, page 4)

    2. Message Window Tool (only works with button actions "insert label" and "insert text", page 4)

  5. Utilizing Interactive Templates (page 4 and 5)

  6. Searching for Activities in Community (page 4)

  7. Creating Groups/Organizations (page 5)

  8. Sharing Activities (page 5)

  9. Student Center (Contact Brandt Rosen to obtain student login information)

    1. ELC organization account ID: DHB7JDCF (page 5-6)

    2. Student Center Login (click here for video tutorial) (click here for computer/web based) (page 5-6)

    3. Student Center Free iPad App and Logging In (click here for video tutorial) (click here for app web link) (page 5-6)

    4. Assigning Activities to Students (page 5-6)

    5. Manage Student Assigned Student Activities (page 5-6)

  10. Working with Student Data (Interactive Templates Only)